Monday, March 21, 2011


As 2011 approaches
                Yes I know we are already in 2011. Infact the first quarter is almost over, but 2011 in the Nigerian lexicon is synonymous with the forthcoming elections, just as 2010 meant only one thing to the South Africans – the World Cup. I would be overstating the obvious by describing how pivotal 2011 is in the history of our beloved country. After 50 years of misrule and abject poverty, it is time for the Nigerian youth to stand up and be counted.
                Whatever I have to say may sound cliché as you must have come across it both on electronic and print media. Go out, cast your vote, protect it and make sure it counts. The general perception is we don know who go win, no need to waste my time. This was the same comments our parents made that has put us in this precarious situation that we find ourselves now. This time around, we’d have nobody but ourselves to blame should we sit and watch mediocres take charge of our government for the next four years. I have a strong belief in the Jega –led INEC in spite of her shortcomings during the registration exercise. The election would not be perfect but we can contribute our own quota by coming out en masse to vote. We reduce the risk of rigging.
                Their campaigns have been unconvincing to say the least. That must have been discouraging I must confess. The candidates have been unable to tell us, in details, what they would should they get into power. Those in power have been listing empty projects while those seeking to overthrow have been telling the whole world that those in power slept all through the four years. The debates have been too comic to convey any real meaning. I believe, though, that in the few weeks remaining we’d have no difficulty in making our choices.
                I’m not here to root for any candidate. All I want is for the Nigerian youth to come out and vote for whoever he pleases. The plan to close all schools during the elections is another means the ruling party is trying to disenfranchise us and this we must resist. For crying out loud, most students registered in school. If the president did not learn anything from the closure of schools during the registration exercise, then there is a fundamental problem somewhere.
                Our future depends greatly on the outcome of this election. Charlatans must not be made to taste power. Nigerian youths, it’s our time, let’s seize it .


  1. 9ce 1 hope u hav googled ur sagittarius tingy

  2. Well bro. you said it all. Its now for the youth to take up the challenge and say boldly that enough is enough. What i will add is not just going out en masse to cast your vote but vote for the write candidate. and let me say categorically that we should do everything possible to vote out pdp. and believe you me that we will have a better naija. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.